Who we are

Instruments India started in the years 2009 as a Sole Proprietor, is one of the foremost Indian Representative of various scientific instruments from well recognised overseas companies. More than 25 years we are in the Scientific instrument market delivering the highest quality after sales support to numerous institutes & Govt. Labs.Some of the instruments are being used for both routine & research work, to name a few, Portable & Table Top Raman Spectrometers, Fibre probe based miniature spectrophotometers , Video based contact angle, Surface tension measurement units includes Du Nouy rings & Wilhelmy platemethods, Langmuir Blodgett Trough, Brewster Angle Microscopes, Nanoparticle Sizer with Zeta Potential Analyser, Research Grade Multi Angle DLS system, Table top AFM /STM, Electrochemistry Analyser like Potentiostat & Galvanostat etc,

Why Choose Us



We always providing the best service and high quality products to fulfill customers’ needs, so we have earned good reputation in this market, our goal and mission is to be a leading company in nano materials application field. ‚Äč



Our team of experienced and highly skilled employs state-of-art-technology to build productive products. All products are certified to ensure reliability and performance of the products. Our professionals to keep them updated about the technology.



We provide solution to match perfectly with the client’s requirement. Our client’s believe in us and helps us to gain unique position in the marketplace. Our products are offered at the most competitive prices and delivered within the shorted time span.



Work with an aim to gain client’s satisfaction and appreciation in order to build trust and long term relationship. Our business transparency and ethical conduct assures clients that they are served with the reliable and quality products.